Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji

 Guru Angad was the second Sikh Guru, following Guru Nanak.He was originally called Bhai Lehna. One day Bhai Lehna overheard a devout Sikh called Bhai Jodh singing Guru Nanak's hymns. Bhai Lehna was deeply affected by the divine message in the Guru's shabad (hymn). He found out from the Sikh about the greatness of Guru Nanak, and he set out to travel the very long distance to find him. When he finally met with him he recognised God's light in Guru Nanak and fell at the Guru's feet out of respect and love.Bhai Lehna never again left Guru Nanak, choosing instead to serve him in any way he could and walk in the true path to God.

When Guru Nanak knew his time on earth was coming to an end, he began to test the faith of his followers in order to choose someone who could continue to teach the true message of God. He found Bhai Lehna to be the purest of the pure, and chose him even above his own two sons. He gathered together Sikhs from far and wide and blessed Bhai Lehna with the name Angad which means 'part of me'. He then told his Sikhs that from that day, Bhai Lehna would be known as Guru Angad, the second Guru.

Guru Angad collected together the hymns of Guru Nanak and wrote them, along with some of his own, in the Gurmukhi script.



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