Shri Guru  Har Rai Ji

 Guru Har Rai was only fourteen when he became Guru. He was ordered by Guru Har Gobind to keep 2,200 soldiers and horses with him at all times.The Guru was once asked by the Emperor of India to come and explain his hymns. He declined, but sent his son, Ram Rai, with strict instructions not change any word or meaning of the hymns, or to show any miraculous powers. Ram Rai was tested by the Emperor and finally broke the Guru's wishes. Guru Har Rai, having heard this, declared that the next Guru would be his youngest son, Har Krishan - then only five years of age.

Guru Har Rai thus gave instruction that no Sikh was ever to change the Hymns of the Gurus because these are the words of God. He also said that Sikhs are not to show miraculous powers because that goes against the will of God.   




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